Песня 206 Hail to the Chief с Элизабет Клер Профет

Опубликовано: 17.12.2019

Song 206 Hail to the Chief with Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Hail to El Morya, in triumph he advances
Hail to the Lord of the Ray, the Will of God
Dauntless and forthright, with courage are his stances
Service magnificent for Light do we laud.
For the dream he aspires is the dream all heav’n itself desires
Freedom of man, way of Truth all to see
To free planet Earth and the golden age inspire
O what a star of Light it shall be!

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For you, El Morya, the Chief, Darjeeling Council
Blessings and love and our gratitude we pray
Thanks for your pledge, beaming light to all the faithful
Planting the seed divine to teach men the way.
For The Summit you guide with a hand so loving in God’s Will
Thrust for a purpose, the purpose of right
So firmly we stand, our destiny fulfill
Great is our God and great is his might.

Morya, beloved, thou mentor of the Spirit
Flaming thy heart, for the Real in men to seal
Boundless thy zeal for the love of God incarnate
Hierarchs of Light and Father’s care you reveal.
With the armor of God, build America (Russia) a sure defense
Circle her borders with Light’s holy bands
That God’s overmen may America defend
Warriors of peace, truth and right in their hands.

Hail to El Morya, defender of the righteous
Victor for God, will divine his melody
Hail to his banner, with knowledge he imbues us
Parting the veil, unfolding Life’s mystery.
For all men shall with angels and masters walk and talk again
Luminous beings, the real to become
We call forth the Light, that his faith in all shall reign
Praise to his will, praise to God, Life is one!

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