Песня 416 – The Great Divine Director с Элизабет Клер Профет

Опубликовано: 17.12.2019

Song 416 – The Great Divine Director with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Great Divine Director
From God’s sacred heart
We adore thy Presence
And to all impart*
Knowledge of thy being
And thy boundless love
That enfolds earth’s children
From thy realms above.
Thou who art the manu
Of the seventh race
Long hast thou been waiting
’Til it takes its place
In earth’s evolution
To raise her to Light
God’s great plan fulfilling
Perfect in his sight.
From heav’n’s heart eternal
Angels come to bless
Men and elementals
With God’s happiness
O thou Great Director
Of our plan divine
Come now, we implore thee
Let the Christ light shine.
As to the ascension
We do now aspire
Help each one in winning
That one God-desire
To attain Light’s glory
Pure in mind and soul
One with our great Presence
This, perfection’s goal.

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