Песня 471 – God and Goddess Meru с Элизабет Клер Профет

Опубликовано: 18.12.2019

Song 471 – God and Goddess Meru with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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God Meru, on Titicaca’s shore
Thy retreat stands there to bless mankind
’Tis the focus of Illumination’s flame
Gift of God to soul and mind.
Blazing there in the golden Andes’ sacred height
Ever waiting for man to seek its pow’r
And the love of the ones who now guard its holy Light
Holding balance in this cosmic hour.
At thy side, thy complement divine
Lovely Goddess of this sacred flame
Ever stands, and through her purifying pow’r
Raises all in the I AM name.
Now our love ever flows from every earnest heart
To enfold all who serve to set life free
Knowing well of thy service that forms a mighty part
Of the building of the world to be.
Blessed flame—Illumination’s pow’r
To the minds of all who seek thy Light
Ever send thy love from Titicaca’s shore
That each one may feel thy might
Penetrating the hearts of those who stand for truth
In a world ever changing day by day
E’er endeav’ring to be steadfast beacons to our youth
Symbols of the Life, the Truth, the Way.

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