Песня 585 – Adoration to the Great Central Sun с Элизабет Клер Профет

Опубликовано: 18.12.2019

Song 585 – Adoration to the Great Central Sun with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Our Father/Mother, Central Sun eternal!
Which ever has been and ever shall be
Our gratitude flows for your Life supernal
For all your Light and Love through all eternity.

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Great Central Sun dear, come fill my soul!
Dissolve all shadows and make me whole
Possess, control, and rule all
By all thy Love, Great Sun above!

Thy heart of glory, patient and forgiving
Shows all creation God’s law of living
May all thy children ever serve and love thee
Give praise and honor to thy name and bend the knee.

Bless our dear Helios and his gracious Vesta
With pow’rs of Love and Light, divinely vested
Make earth a sun star, like her great beginning
God’s name, I AM, is now her vict’ry winning.

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